Friday, July 13, 2007

Sending colour pictures over SMS

Ever tried sending a photograph using your cellphone ? I'm sure your answer to that is "Yeah, MMS !". But thats not what i'm talking about.

Not too long ago, i tried sending an Address Book contact from my Nokia 6630, and noticed that the contact details would be sent in a message 15 pages long. Puzzled, i tried to figure out the reason for this. And a few seconds later, i realized that the contact, had a thumbnail attached to it.

Shortly thereafter, i sent a friend a business card with a thumbnail attached, by SMS. He received the business card alright. And the thumbnail too ! What i'm trying to figure out now, is how to send just the picture over SMS. The pitfall here is that as the image size increases, so will the message size. And it wouldn't be too surprising to see a tiny thumbnail requiring 30 texts to be transferred.

The procedure -
On your Series60 phone
Create a new contact
Attach a thumbnail
Send Contact by text message, with All Details