Tuesday, August 15, 2006

K&N Replacement Air Filter : Santro Xing

I got my Xing, named Charlotte (after Kristin Davis' character in Sex and the City), as a present on my 18th birthday. This Forest Dew coloured hatchback is one cool car. It comes loaded with a really quick, and powerful engine. It is fuel efficient, and does great in the city. However, that wasn't good enough for me. :D

I found out from the Hyundai service guy, Prithvin, that i had several options when it came to modifying my engine.. I could simply change the air filters to a performance set, change the intake system, or change the fuel injection system.

A performance K&N air filter is a Nylon based washable filter. The OEM filter is a paper one, and cannot be washed.. The K&N can pull in 440CFM of air, while the OEM filter can do just about 320CFM. The more air the intake system can pull in, the better..

The issue, however, is that for higher performance, the volume of air being pulled into the engine isn't the only factor. The velocity of this air also plays an important part. A performance intake system rids the engine of the air box, and replaces it with a single metal tube, with a conical air filter at the end. The conical air filter allows over 800CFM of air to be pulled in, while ensuring high velocity. As a result, performance of the engine is boosted by 10%, and a heavenly vroom sound induced into the engine :)

A replacement air filter costs INR 3500 while an intake system such as the K&N Typhoon would cost INR 7000. I settled for the the performance air filter for now. The moment i had this filter installed, the pickup had improved, and acceleration was a lot smoother. I've had this filter for a month now, and i've noticed that the car is a little more efficient when it comes to fuel. The difference can be seen particlularly between the second and third gear, where the acceleration is simply superb, even better than the acceleration of the stock engine.

The replacement filter is worth the dough, and you'll see the difference the moment you have it installed.. Replacement takes 10minutes, and the filter is claimed to last for 100000 miles before needing a replacement. Regular cleaning and tuning ensures top notch performance at all times.

I will be switching to the Typhoon intake system shortly. Will update you once i've had it installed.

Sony MDR-XD100 Stereo Headphones

Once again, my pockets were feeling a bit heavy, and i was out on the look out for interesting stuff to buy.. My trusty little sony headphones which came with my dead discman weren't seeming so great anymore. I came across the Sony MDR-XD100 at an online store on fine morning. They looked great, and came with a lengthy cable. I said, what the heck, and ordered one.

It arrived a couple of days later in a neat package with the following
  • Headphones
  • Unimatch adapter
  • Documentation

The first thing you notice when you pull the headphones out of its packaging, is the length of it's audio cable. at approximately 10feet long, i doubt you'd have any problems with yanking the connector out during an exciting fragfest.. The design will strike you as flimsy, but it is anything but that. My XDR100 has survived quite a few falls off my desk, and needless to say, it looks, and sounds perfect.

The headphones are very comfortable to wear, and the neat gap in the headband provides for a perfect fit, on any head.. :) The cans are padded with leatherette, which is quite successful in blocking out any external noise. The cans are contoured on the inside, allowing the user to wear it in just one way. This, however, ensures that the output sound is clearer, and is directed towards your ear.

The XD100's have a good frequency range, wider than the human hearing range.. The bass on these phones is average~good, while the mid-high range sounds are simply superb..

Technical Specs :
Max. Power Handling 1500 mW
Plug Material Gold
Compatibility Studio
Driver Unit Size 40 mm
Impedance 70 ohm
Weight 6 oz.
Volume Control Without Volume Control
Frequency Response 12 - 22000 Hz
Design Over the Head
Usage Consumer
Cable Length 11.48 ft.
Sensitivity 100 dB
Sound Mode Stereo

Economical, Good sound reproduction, long cable, snug fit
Above average Bass, Flimsy appearance

Conclusion :
The MDR-XD100 is perfect for amateurs, and general users, looking for good and clear sound at a low price. These cans are available on Amazon for $13, which is pretty cheap considering the performance these offer. Also look for the XD200 and the XD300, in the same series.